Introducing Novogrid

A simple, modern approach to transforming any office, classroom, retail space or corridor. Contact us today to learn more!


Energy Efficient

Easy Install

Compatible with Building Management / Controls

Sleek, Modern Design


NovoGrid comes in 2' and 4' sections which replace grid members. These fixtures are supported by the grid, so no need for added cable supports or attachments.


Running wires can be labor intensive and expensive. NovoGrid's remote Grid Mounted drivers come with 3 easy RJ45 ports for simple plug and go installation!

Elegant install, tech ready

NovoGrid is the perfect solution for any grid ceiling application, whether it be new construction or renovation. NovoGrid is compatible with a wide-variety of wired and wireless control technologies and Building Management Systems.


Proven Flexibility Where's Your Space?

NovoGrid is the perfect solution to bring a modern, flexible, energy efficient and technologically advanced lighting solution to your space, no matter where it is!

K-12 schools


Commercial Office


Start by designing your layout. NovoGrid comes in 2′ and 4′ sections, and fits both 15/16″ and 9/16″ grid ceilings. The unique design allows NovoGrid sectins to physically replace existing grid members. NovoGrid comes in several color temperatures to match your existing decor and aesthetic. 

2Ft and 4Ft

Create unique designs by mixing and matching.

Integral to the grid

The fixture physically installs into the grid members, no need for external supports.

15/16" and 9/16"

Find the width that matches your planned or existing grid.

modern aesthetic

The Low profile LED blends in to the existing grid, creating a modern look.

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